Vegas Pegs Heat, Purple, Poodles as Top 3 Teams

Miami 25/1 7/5
L.A. Lakers 7/2 7/2
Orlando 5/1 8/1
Boston 5/1 10/1
Denver 10/1 15/1
Oklahoma City 15/1 15/1
Utah 25/1 18/1

Someone remind me again what the Poodles did to improve themselves this off-season?


Lex said...

I don't know about the regular season, but if we stay healthy, we have as good as shot as anyone to win it all come playoff time.

Lex said...

Perhaps the answer is Chris Duhon?

Matty said...

I have no idea why they think the poodles have a better chance than us. I was thinking about this yesterday, and i mean we have the deepest team you could ever imagine, every spot is covered by a solid backup.
I can understand the fakers being up there as they are defending champs, but MIAMI? Yes, they have talent but we have no idea yet how well they are going to play together, i think it is a bit early to just be writing the title off to them.

I'm very excited, i think we're going to surprise some people again, i think we can go all the way this season.

Anonymous said...

Odds are not based on who they think will win as much as where the money is going.

Lex said...

Money coming in on Orlando is still a bit odd.

Get it.


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