Doc Says No, but I Wonder What Danny Says?

Now that the Celtics have lost Ray Allen as a free agent to the Miami Heat, there becomes a possibility that would allow the Celtics to get something in return for their loss.The club could potentially work out a sign-and-trade deal with the Heat, meaning they would sign Allen to potentially a three-year $18 million deal and then trade him to Miami for perhaps a player or draft picks, allowing Allen to earn more money and the Celtics to get a player back.

According to Celtics coach Doc Rivers, that is not likely to happen.

"I doubt it," Rivers said. "I don't know if they have anything to give us. I doubt it. I mean if they want to give us (Dwyane) Wade, then yeah

Come on, Doc. Can't you be at least a little more imaginative?

The Celtics had a lot-0-money on the table and Ray walked away from that. Ray Allen, you remember him. Man of BIG EGO. Ray thinks he deserves BIG BUCKS. Danny knows this.

You don't suppose that Danny hasn't suggested to Ray's agent that the Celtics would still be willing to offer Jesus that money even if he went to the Heat, if the Heat would participate in a sign-and-trade? (no deal is final until 7/11).

Now that's the easy part, i.e., accounting for Ray Allen's desire to get more money and still stick it to the C's by signing with the Heat. So why would Danny agree to do this deal, when, as Doc said, the Heat don't have anyone we want?

Well, that answer is pretty easy, too.

Because there are a world of other teams that do have players the C's want and all it would take to make a sign and trade work is for the Celtics and Heat to involve one of those teams.

Why would Pat Riley agree to such nonsense?

That's the tricky question.

One answer would be to keep Ray Allen happy.

Another answer might be if the Heat were also to benefit from such trade by adding some more depth to their roster.

One underlying question is whether Pat Riley still sees the Cs as a viable contender in the East. If so, would he really agree to a deal that made the Celtics stronger?

I wouldn't necessarily bet on this scenario.

But I wouldn't rule it out, either.

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