My New Theory on Ray Allen

Didn't I just post this? (Oh yeah, that was Courtney Lee)

New Celtic.

Single-handedly keeping his team in the game.




Creating his own shot (not relying on double and triple screens).

Clutch shot after clutch shot. 

Last season (not old videos).

 I think I may have figured out Ray Allen.

Jason Terry was signed before Ray Allen made his decision to leave.

Jesus was already playing in the shadows of KG and P-squared.

His ego couldn't bare to play fourth billing on a team of veteran stars, including one star who eagerly accepts and relishes the role of 6th man, not to mention a player who might be able to close out big games in a way Pierce, Garnett, and Allen have failed to do  on an increasing basis over the last three years.

By the way, let's not forget to welcome Ray Allen back to Boston the right way.


FLCeltsFan said...

For all the talk of Ray putting his ego aside to form the Big 3, he ended up letting that ego get the best of him. Not only could he not accept Terry coming in and outplaying him (which he would have), he couldn't accept coming off the bench in favor of Bradley for the good of the team.

Lex said...

avery bradley.

I'm pretty good about keeping my excitement in check.

But this kid's j was soo good there for a while.

Damn, if he can pick up where he left off.

He will be something else.


almost kd wet at times

FLCeltsFan said...

Bradley was shooting well before the shoulder injuries and after that he struggled. Hopefully he can regain his form after the surgeries. But even more exciting than his shot was his defense. It was a no brainer to put him in the starting lineup. Ray couldn't handle that fact though.

Lex said...

You are correct.

I love his defense.

Dennis Rodman of the back court.

forever_green said...


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