Oh Brother

"We'll be a very competitive team and we'll be a deep team this year," Ainge said last week "I think our team has the potential to be very good this year." As it stands now, Garnett will still be playing center again Either Bass or Green will be in the starting lineup in the frontcourt with Pierce while Rajon Rondo will be paired in the backcourt with Avery Bradley, once he returns from having both shoulders operated on.


This small bit of text is loaded with goodies.

First off, are we really talking about starting Jeff Green? Yeah, I know. What if he outplays Bass in pre-season? And, more importantly, isn't Green a sensitive guy who seems to get lost coming off the bench?

Like I said, oh brother.

These are the sorts of questions I really don't want to start a season trying to answer.

Still excited to have Green wearing green?

At one point near the end of last season, the Celtics had one of the top 3 records in the NBA during the 20-game stretch after Garnett started playing center. Brandon Bass was playing next to him. Ditto for the playoffs. Those turned out pretty well.

Do we really want to rethink this now?

I say the onus is on Jeff Green to prove his worth, and this is not something he can do until he proves it over and over. I'm thinking mid-season before I'll open my mind to the idea that Jeff Green might consistently contribute something at the 4 spot.

Meanwhile, I don't agree that starting Avery Bradley at the 2 is a foregone conclusion. It certainly won't be the case in pre-season or early in the regular season. He'll still be recovering. So either Jason Terry or Courtney Lee will start.

I'm not sure you send either of those two guys to the bench just cuz AB is ready to play.


Same thing as what I said for Jeff Green.

You make Bradley earn the starting spot.



FLCeltsFan said...

Agree that Bradley and Green should both earn their spots. It should be that way with every spot. Hopefully Doc will play the young guys too because some of them may earn the time but have to have a chance to earn it.

I've been thinking about Jeff Green. Do you remember when Pierce had that stabbing incident? When he came back that year, he was a different player. He played with more urgency and more freedom. Maybe that will be the same with Green. A life and death situation has a way of waking a player up.

Lex said...

Ah. Interesting point.

JG has lots-0-talent.

So perhaps this will be his wake-up call to realize his talent.

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