1980 Interview with Dennis Johnson at Halftime of Game against Celtics

The interview takes place during Larry Bird's rookie year, which also happens to be the season following Seattle's lone NBA title, when DJ won Finals MVP.

Ironically, Dennis is interviewed during halftime of a game against the Boston Celtics. He's asked for his thoughts on whether he'll be selected for the All-Star game. He says he'd be honored just to be in the discussion.

But his real goal, Johnson emphasizes, is to get another ring.

It's coming DJ.

It's coming.


FLCeltsFan said...

I always loved DJ. I think my favorite DJ moment was after that steal by Bird and underneath to DJ for the layup against the Pistons. After the layup, he didn't join his teammates to celebrate. He turned to immediately play defense on the inbound play because there was still a second or so left on the clock. Then of course there was the Bird/DJ hug. But that moment, when he thought defense first after a huge play, will always stick in my mind as the defining DJ moment.

Lex said...

The hug was great, dj motioning to lb for the embrace

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