Hey Chris, Let's See this Version of you Next Season

One of our collective theme this year ("our" meaning all of Celticdom) might be the need or desire for a large number of Celtics to have breakthrough seasons.

Rajon Rondo -- MVP candidate
Jeff Green -- Scottie Pippen lite candidate
Avery Bradley -- Play the whole season the way he played last April

I'm sure somehow we need to add Courtney Lee to this list (and hoping that Jason Terry continues playing at a high level despite age is a related, but separate theme).

Chris Wilcox, for a good part of last season, reminded me of Jeff Green, which is to say underwhelming.

However, the above video shows another side of CW.

Not even a hardened Celtic hater can deny that if a few of the chips we lay down in October pay off come April and May, this team will be something else, especially if the Ticket and Cap stay healthy.


FLCeltsFan said...

I think Chris had some little injury at the beginning of the season. Just before the surgery he was playing very well. He and Rondo had developed chemistry and connecting on oops and running the floor together. Then he had to have surgery. I expect him to get back to that point earlier this season. Should be fun!

bballee said...

FLCeltsFan is on the money as Wilcox missed games and was day-to-day (less than 100%) every month:
Dec shoulder
Jan calf
Feb right adductor
Mar heart surgery

Lex said...

Seriously, this team has a lot o upside that goes way beyond courtney lee and the jet

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