Is It Really Farewell?


FLCelts fan did an outstanding job of bidding adieu to Mr. Ryan over on her blog, and the more I thought about it, the two of them share something in common. All of Celticdom anxiously awaits their next offering with the same type of anticipation. We may not always like the news brought by FCF's links (Dwight Howard going to the Fakers) or the opinions expressed by Mr. Ryan (I've told you twice now, the Big Three are too old to compete for a championship!), but we also understand what each has meant to Celtics fans over the years.

I will say one thing about "Grandpa Celtic": nobody else has written with as much flair, insight, and honesty as Bob Ryan. We all knew he was a fan, too, but not quite the same way Johnny Most was a fan. A little bit more removed, and dare I say, especially with the gray locks, a bit professorial.

There is no doubt in my mind that Bob Ryan's words are featured on this blog more than any other writer, and I keep linking back to them for a reason. If they weren't gospel, they sure were close. Even when he was wrong, we seemed to elevate his opinions above the fray because they seemed to matter more (and he loved Bill Walton and understood Purple v. Green, which didn't hurt either). As I said to FCF this morning, we may have often read his columns in a stiff office chair, but as soon as we saw the byline, in our mind's eye, we transported ourselves to that big comfy leather chair where we begin each morning with our first cuppa Joe.

Whatever was coming, we knew it would be good.

Is there any bigger tribute I can pay to the man than that?


Lex said...

inspired by FCF.

FLCeltsFan said...

Thank you for the kind words. I am humbled to be mentioned in the same post as Bob Ryan. As I have said he was my lifeline to the Celtics in my early years of fandom.

Lex Nihil Novi is my favorite read these days just as Bob was my favorite read back then. I guess the two have a lot in common also.

Lex said...

: )

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