Is this the Same Robert Parish?

November 15, 1980

Chris Ford on Robert Parish: "I never saw him go inside while he was with Golden State. I always pictured him taking those jumpers from the foul line." Robert Parish on Robert Parish: "I played both the low post and the high post at Golden State. But because I could shoot from the outside, all you heard about was my high-post game. They took a good thing and made it a bad thing by saying, He can only do this one thing.' " Whatever the case, the Celtics never hesitate to dump the ball in to the big fella in the low hole when they want two points.

Dave and Deby Cowens made their 1980-81 Celtic debut last night. They had been traveling for three weeks, which is why they weren't seen during the rest of the homestand . . . Larry Bird paid a visit to D-Town, or some such upper atmospheric address, with a thunderous dunk at the end of an up-fake and drive in the fourth period . . . Net rookie Edgar Jones, the latest Shootout alumnus (New Jersey) to grace the NBA, picked up his first basket (a dunk) and his first goaltend (of Kevin McHale) in the fourth period.

Bill Fitch on Bird's 3-for-14 first half: "I'm glad it was him, and not somebody else, that shot 3 for 14. I don't have to worry about him losing his confidence." . . . Bird is not happy with his turnovers, but he has a partial remedy. "I'm not seeing the whole court. I had one bad pass in the first quarter when I saw everybody out there except Eddie Jordan. The solution is not to always try for the assist pass, but to try for the pass before the assist. We aren't getting as many of those passes as we were last year." . . . The Nets had two regulars missing in Maurice Lucas (on the injured list with an inflamed Achilles tendon) and Foots Walker (sprained ankle), and they are carrying five rookies on the present roster. "You need patience," said Kevin Loughery, in what may be a classic understatement.


FLCeltsFan said...

Larry Bird and Thunderous Dunk are not words often associated with each other.

You got me thinking again with the info on Parish and his play with GS compared to his play with the C's. The system matters.

Lex said...

Good post on your blog, fcf. I have a forthcoming post about the lakers and super stars and the celtics and team play. Some of the same themes

FLCeltsFan said...

As always looking forward to your excellent post :)

FLCeltsFan said...

And thank you for your kind words about my post.

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