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Larry Lights Up the Cavs


FLCeltsFan said...

I sure am enjoying this footage from these old games. Larry Bird defies description. The guy is simply amazing. One thing that strikes me every time is his rebounding. It's almost uncanny. No one I'd rather have the ball in the final seconds of a game.

Lex said...

Yeah, his rebounding was amazing, especially in light of our current rebound-challenged team

FLCeltsFan said...

It's not like he was taller than everyone either. He was 6'9" - same size as Green, same size as Sully - shorter than Collins, KG, Wilcox. But he just had that knack for finding the ball. When I heard Sully say that he watches the trajectory of the ball and follows it to where it should come off the rim, it was a flash back to something similar that Bird said once. Maybe Sully will prove to be an efficient rebounder for us.

I still say that rebounding is mostly effort and desire- Rondo seems to have more of both than any centers we have. They have to want to get in there and fight for them. I love watching them crash the boards in these old videos. They FIGHT for the boards.

I guess some of the offensive rebounding is Doc's system. He doesn't want them hanging around for a rebound but getting back on defense. That's ok when you shoot well enough to not have all that many rebounds but that hasn't been the case the last couple years.

Lex said...

Maybe we don't give IQ enough credit in rebounding

FLCeltsFan said...

I think you are right on IQ with guys like Larry and Sully who talk about following the trajectory of the ball and knowing where it will come off the rim.

Lex said...

I wonder if doc might start sully to give the bench some more scoring?

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