Celtics Fans Like to Root for White Guys

The Serbian Scalabrine.

That's what one blog is calling Darko.

The intimation is one we have all heard before.

Celtics fans like to root for the big white doof.

Hank Finkle, Eric Fernsten,  Greg Kite, Fred Roberts, Mark Acres, and Brian Scalabrine.

We earned that label right?

We are all racist.

We Cetics' fans.

Let me suggest some other names.

Acie Earl, Pervis Ellison, Dwayne Jones, Patrick O'Bryant, and Mikki Moore (just to name a few).

Each were underperformers. More importantly, each were underdogs. Indeed, Pervis was the number one overall pick in the draft and never quite lived up to expectations. Sound familiar?

Each had Celtic fandom in  their corner.

Each of these players was black.

Oh yeah. Ramon Rivas. What color was he?

Screw this noise.

The other thing that pisses me off is that for several years Celtics' fans were criticized for being mean to Scalabrine by chanting his name in derision.

Only in the final couple of years was the Scalabrine chant deemed a form of endearment.

So kiss my ass Boston haters.

We're no more racist than anyone else, and, if you really want to get us going, let's talk about Red Auerbach and how Red and the Celtics took the league across one color barrier after another.


FLCeltsFan said...

Don't forget Perk.

Lex said...

Perk was good.

But i guess we rooted for him early on too.

FLCeltsFan said...

I don't know what it was but I was a Perk fan right from his rookie year. I think it was how honest and candid he was and how hard he worked. Perk is still good :)

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