Darko v. the Lakers (scoring 4 times on Bynum, then drawing a charge)


Lex said...

Time out.

Was that an offensive rebound?

Lex said...

zips a slick pass past bynum's ear?

Lex said...

14 pts, 11 boards.

versus bynum and gasol

Lex said...

stroke at the stripe looks fine.

not sure how he shot .43

FLCeltsFan said...

He's had good games, but the problem is they aren't consistent. You never know when he's going to decide to show up and when he won't. In that way, it seems to be a matter of mental and effort. Maybe he's matured to the point where he's ready to put the effort in more consistently. He knows he's getting close to his last chance and so I'm hoping for the best.

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