Doc Talkin' Darko (among other things)


Lex said...

Have I ever mentioned that I love Doc?

Lex said...

Doc also repeats one of his early mantras:

We have the best group of guards in the NBA.


Lex said...

Rivers on what happens if Garnett, after surveying the Celtics’ new depth at center, requests a move back to power forward: “He’ll still be a five. I don’t think Kevin cares as much as he says. I think Kevin just wants to win. If he had to play point (guard) for us to wint he title, he would give it a try. That’s who Kevin is.”

Lex said...


Not so sure.

We play a team with a very good, legit big, and darko plays like he did in the videos, come on, doc, ain't no way you don't play darko and kg at the same time.

and kg ain't gonna be the one guarding bynum or tyson chandler or dwight howard.

am i wrong???

Lex said...

Rivers on getting back to work: ""I'm very excited," Rivers said. "I like our team, but then, I like our team every year on paper.


I didn't care for the team that we defended the title with

FLCeltsFan said...

Yeah, I love Doc too. I loved how he said the other day maybe Danny put out the info on Sully's back to get him. That's a very Auerbachian thing to do

FLCeltsFan said...

I just had to laugh for awhile picturing KG playing point guard. Wouldn't that be a sight?

FLCeltsFan said...

KG definitely won't be guarding Bynum or Howard. Probably not even Chandler. That's why we have Collins, Darko and Fab. We got the bulky guys for that.

FLCeltsFan said...

By the way. I didn't recognize the blog without Mountain Man to greet me. Where'd he go?

Lex said...

Needed to take a brake from bill. Get ready for the new season.

Plus the page seems to load more slowly with bill.

I wish the pic didn't have ray in it.

But the pic will probably keep changing.

FLCeltsFan said...

Yeah, too bad Ray is there. But on the bright side. Perk's there.

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