Frustrated with Dating?

Frustrated with dating? Check out this site, where you'll find your old buddy Lex has finally returned to writing original pieces. Hopefully reading them will be as entertaining as it is living through them.


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FLCeltsFan said...

Chief looked very comfortable with that basketball still.

I'd love to have him come in as a big man coach (if we couldn't get the enigmatic Dave Cowens)

Chief & Cliff have worked together in big man camps for years and I think he'd be good for our young guys.

FLCeltsFan said...

You know, I never knew why Chief picked 00 for his number. I learned something today!

FLCeltsFan said...

He hit on a very crucial key to winning a championship. stay healthy. Celtics are due for a healthy season this year. They have had some bad breaks in recent seasons. This is our year to stay healthy.

Lex said...

This year so far has no precedent

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