Bill Simmons Predicts 55 Wins for Celtics (one more than I do)

Bill Simmons echoes familiar themes. We're gonna be deep, we're gonna be better than last year, Rondo's gonna be an MVP candidate. Simmons thinks that KG and Pierce are both gonna average a mere 28 minutes per game. He has the C's down for 55 Ws. The other guy, who reminds us of the Celtics' penchant for hitting cruise control in January and February, has them down for 50.

I'm gonna go with 54.


Lex said...

His minutes forecast seems a bit optimistic for KG, unless darko and and wilcox can contribute consistently.

bballee said...

I have Garnett at 28 and Pierce 31. I also see them playing around 70 games apiece--taking off a game when there are b2b's.

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