Darko on the Fast Track

Well, Darko, I'm not sure how you did it.

You somehow managed to take my 5 Milestones for Evaluating Your Progress, which, at the time seemed slightly out of reach for you, and, quite frankly, I'm not sure you've even achieved one of them, and created your own path to success.

Where Lex thought it was reasonable to see if you could manage to lose weight, regain some of your mobility from 2 years ago, and possibly make the Boston Celtics active roster when the basketballs fly in November, you've leapfrogged your way to being named a strategic spot starter in games, gasp, long after the 2012-13 season kicks off.


Who knew you were all that?

Still, if I might be so bold as to offer the 7-1, 300 pound giant one tiny bit of advice?

Make sure you show everyone you deserve what Doc has bestowed upon you. Earning the PT isn't the end. It's just the beginning. Helping the Celtics win games and becoming a presence in the pivot and on the high post, these are your goals. If you do that, you've finally found yourself a home.

Now go get after it.

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