Garnett Likes Our Bigs

"Bigs are very hard to get in this league," Garnett said. "Bigs do a lot for our system, especially when it comes to picks and when it comes to getting guys open. Doc [Rivers's] system is predicated off bigs getting smalls open, so the more bigs we have the better. More importantly, we have a lot of bigs that have high IQs and that hasn't been here for quite some time, so it's refreshing.

The 2012-13 season is off to a good start. No more reliance on centers well past their prime. No more waiting to see if the body of a particular 39-year-old, 325 pound center will last 82 games plus 20 more in the playoffs, and, when it doesn't, whether his achilles will ever heal. No more Fat Sheeds, brittle Jermaine O'Neals or hyperactive but ultimately confused Mikki Moores to lose our patience with.

I won't say "no more playing Glen Davis and Leon Powe out of position,  only to watch  them get their shots blocked by much taller players," since a lot of things need to happen before we can actually count on seven-footers to roam the paint for the Celtics in big games. But the mere fact that we are 3-5 players deep at the four and five positions is heartening, six if you count Chris Wilcox.

I don't see Fab Melo contributing anytime soon, but he does look in pretty good shape. Speaking of good shape, Jason Collins might be in the best shape of his career. I suspect Darko will miss some games due to injury, given past experience, and thus we'll be able to see if Collins has anything left in the tank.

He certainly couldn't be any worse than Ryan Hollins.

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