Jason Terry has a Chip

"I'll never forget '05-06," Terry said, referring to when his Mavericks lost to the Heat. "I should be a two-time champion right now, but it wasn't so. But I'll never forget that feeling walking off that court after Game 6 in Dallas, when confetti dropped on our heads.

"I'd like to remember winning the championship but what sticks in my head is when we lost. And I've got to believe it's a feeling similar to what Boston felt in Game 7 last year. So I come right into the rivalry, ready for it. Game No. 1, whether Miami or someone else, it's basketball and it kicks off the season

Anytime something sticks in your craw, you, my friend, have a chip. Above and beyond that, I think Jason Terry walks around life with a chip on his shoulder. He's got something to prove, and he's gonna show us what.

I'm with KG. If I'm being sent to a foxhole, I want Jason Terry next to me.

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