Jeff Green will be on the Floor to End Games

If you saw Friday's game, then you caught a glimpse of why Danny traded Perk for Jeff Green. Brian Scalabrine kept comparing Green to James Worthy. I thought the comparison was overdone the first couple of times Green drove to the hoop, palmed the ball, and layed it in from various angles off the backboard. By the fifth or sixth time, I said to myself, yeah, well, JG can't shoot the rock, too, and if he can keep getting to the rim against NBA teams, I know one thing: Green will be on the floor in the fourth quarter when outcomes are decided.

Garnett, Pierce, Terry, and Green.

Who's the fifth guy?

Number 9 appears to be the logical choice, since he seems to be determined to take and make his twos, threes, and freebies, something Shorty needs to do if he wants to be in the hunt for MVP.

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