Ray Now Trying to Divide Doc and Danny

“Danny knew all of my gripes — some things I wanted to improve for me. I’m a free agent,” he said. “I’m asking questions about the team that I wanted improved. Doc must have heard it from Danny. But the thing interesting with Danny is he said, ‘I wish I could argue with you but I can’t. Everything you’re saying is correct.’ I’d rather keep the rest of our conversation between us. It was all basketball philosophy.


Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse.

You've had these types of arguments 100 different times, albeit most of them occurring at some point between ages 8 and 18. You are losing an argument, and you are desperate to get in a good punch. So there it goes. You play the card. "Well, I've talked to Sammy and Johnny. Betsy, too. They all agree with me."

And with that any logic or reason falls by the wayside and your position is, ipso facto, perhaps by majority vote, declared the winner. At worst, it puts the argument back on equal footing, a place you had no business being, if the strength of the argument were based totally on the merits.

Ray Allen is a bad lawyer. He really hasn't said one thing that anyone in Celticdom is buying. So what does he do? He gets desperate. He announces to the world, "well, everyone, Danny Ainge agrees with me. So screw you all."

Like all of your other ploys, Ray, this one blows, too.

Danny is unlikely to respond. But it might be fun if he does.

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