The Darko and Dooling Moves Continue to Intrigue

As the Darko story continues to unfold, I still find the backstory from over the summer a bit puzzling. Darko was amnestied by the Minnesota Timberwolves on July 12, 2012. Danny Ainge was the first GM to call. Yet Milicic didn't sign with the club until the end of September. Indeed, he had flown back to Serbia, and was entertaining thoughts of playing in Europe.

What took so long for Darko to decide?

What was the tipping point?

Had he already made a commitment back in July?

Also curious was the timing of Keyon Dooling's retirement, coming within 24 hours of the Darko signing. This makes it seem like Darko, Doc, and Danny had reached some sort of tentative understanding in July, and Dooling, who had just re-upped on July 31, agreed in advance that he would exit should Darko decide to join the C's.

Hopefully, someone in the media will piece this together at some point.


bballee said...

Sometimes a coincidence is just a coincidence. I don't see Darko taking Dooling's roster spot but rather one of the partially/non-guaranteed camp invitees. Keyon's departure just made the 14th spot open.

Lex said...

Very true

Bobbycixb said...

Very true

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