Would You Rather have Bynum or Darko?

Team president Rod Thorn on Wednesday denied a report by Fox 29 sports anchor Howard Eskin that "the Lakers may have given the 76ers damaged goods" in star center Andrew Bynum.

Bynum, acquired in an August trade, is sitting out the first three weeks of training camp/the preseason to rest his knees and allow a bone bruise in his left knee to improve.

"The injury is what it is - a bruised knee," said Thorn via email. "It takes time to heal. He obviously had knee surgery previously."

Bynum underwent arthroscopic surgery on his left knee to repair a dislocated kneecap in May 2008 and had his right knee operated on in 2010.

Bynum received plasma therapy injections in German in mid-September, which former LA teammate Kobe Bryant raved about, to alleviate inflammation in both knees. He said he had it done so close to the Oct. 2 start of training camp at the doctor's recommendation to allow it to have the greatest effect on him for the regular season, which begins Oct. 31.

Eskin also said he "is getting the sense there is a more serious injury with Andrew Bynum's knee than the Sixers are telling us

Yikes. What a mess.

You can see why the Magic wanted nothing to do with Bynum.


FLCeltsFan said...

I'd rather have Darko just on attitude alone. Darko wants to learn and will be teachable. Bynum at one point told them to fire Kareem because there wasn't anything he could learn from him.

His knees are going to be an ongoing problem as well. No thanks.

Lex said...

ah, I had forgotten about that.

Nothing to learn from kareem.


bballee said...

The very fact that this is a serious question is pretty awesome. The fact that is worth debating gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. You have to like Bynum if both are playing their best--but neither has done that very often or long. Bynum is 28 months younger but has had much more serious injuries. Also pretty sure Bynum has neither ability to spell nor desire to adhere to Ubuntu. Also:
$16.889M vs. $1.352M
Bynum certainly not 13 times more valuable (18 if you consider the $0.884M the Celtics are actually paying of that $1.352M)
I'd say the odds are nearly even on which will have the better season on 2012-13.
And I think Darko is much more likely to be playing in the NBA finals :>)

dyu said...

For production alone, you go with Bynum but how can you produce when you can't play...you can't score, rebound, and block when you're seated on the bench
Darko is still worlds apart from competing with Bynum's statline but he brings a different dimension to our team with his passing and size and most importantly HE PLAYS. (I hope he's wrist heals fast)

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