Mitch Kupchak: 1-15 may be Breaking Point (or maybe not)


Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak is never one to smash the glass and start hitting the panic button. He isn't doing it now despite the team's 1-4 start.He recognizes the issues surrounding the team. The Lakers are dead last in the Western Conference despite the largest payroll in the NBA -- $100 million in player salary, plus $30 million more in projected luxury taxes.

"Expectations are high, there's no doubt. The city is impatient," Kupchak said Thursday in a phone interview with The Times. "At what point do you lose patience? Is it 1-15? Is it a higher number? A lesser number? I don't know right now. But we have a game Friday night and we're going to win it and try to build off that

The Lakers haven't started out 1-4 since 1993. On Friday they host Golden State, another young and quick team trying to make a statement at Staples Center. The Lakers are neither young nor fast. They also aren't lighting up NBA stat sheets. They are 16th in the league in points per game, 19th in points allowed and third-worst in turnovers per game.

While I'm sure you're loathe to take advice from a lifelong Celtics fan, Mitch, let me offer some anyhoo. Patience is a virtue, my friend. So please do your best to hang in there with this team. They are good. Really. It will all work out. 1-15. 2-28. Don't let it bother you. Try some yoga. Learning some breathing techniques. Just don't do anything drastic. And whatever you do, make sure you keep Mike Brown at the helm.


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Lex said...

there's all this talk about a new system. not sure I get it. wasn't mike brown coach last year too?

I will say one thing, I saw Pau standing beyond the arc in the last game where he hoisted one of the ugliest threes Ive ever seen.

right up there with joe kleine.

whatever you are doing, mike brown, can we please order some more?!

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