Chocolate Thunder Tried Out for the Celtics?


It is the Celtics' version of "Star Search." They have brought in Darryl Dawkins, Roger Smith and Tito Horford, hoping one of them can act like a backup center.

So far, none have submitted a performance worthy of a permanent spot on the roster.

""I'm looking to be - if not here, then somewhere else - the George Foreman of basketball.'' Darryl Dawkins, 38, during his brief tryout with the Boston Celtics.

Thunder fades: The scouting report on 38-year-old Darryl Dawkins' brief tryout with the Boston Celtics: too old, too fat, still funny after all these years.

What did he weigh?

"I haven't hit a reporter in five years," Dawkins said, smiling. "Let's just say I weigh more than I care to. Seriously, I need to lose about 13 or 15, maybe 16 pounds."

Can he still break backboards?

"No, but I can rattle 'em pretty good. I am not the man I once was, which may be good or bad."

How did he like playing in Italy?

"Those fans are crazy. They set our gym on fire. Our team in Forli was winning most of its games at home, but we weren't doing too good on the road, so the fans from Rimini set our gym on fire. They burned about a quarter of it. The good thing about the fans in Italy is that I've always been somewhat of a ham, and they like hams over there."

ML Carr would not say whether he still had interest in Darryl Dawkins, attempting a comeback after seven years out of the NBA. Carr appeared to sour on Dawkins when the flamboyant 6-foot-11 center reported out of shape for the final two days of the four-day minicamp.

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FLCeltsFan said...

Wow! Learned 2 new things today about Dawkins. Surprised this one eluded me till now.

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