A Laker Fan Concedes: Kobe Ain't No Magic Johnson

Los Angeles Lakers v Los Angeles Clippers

One thing's for certain, Dwight Howard is showing signs of egress. He's playing with little intensity. Defenses have shut him down because of his predictable post game and his frustrations have led to several ejections already. His offense is out of rhythm, so can the Lakers still rely on his defense and rebounding? Well, his health is starting to decline again and the smallest reason to not suit up will certainly delight an already grinning Dwight Howard. 

With that being said, is it safe to assume that Dwight wants to be traded from this once promising Lakers roster? I'm sure his dream of getting his first championship ring through such a prestigious organization has unfortunately turned into his own Dwightmare. Oh the irony.

On paper Howard's stat's so far this half season look favoring (17-pts/12-rebs/2-blks), but any Laker fan will tell you that those numbers are very misleading. Again, this might not be entirely his fault. Dwight himself has shared his discontent with the D'Antoni system.

It's painstakingly clear though that the Lakers look miserable out there. They look as distant and out of touch as fanny pack wearers. There's absolutely no leadership present and Kobe really needs to step up in that department. Why not give an occasional chest bump when his teammates play well? Why not root for them like Sacre does? Why not smile and say "good job" more often? All these things will easily raise team morale and build chemistry.

These are the characteristics I wish Kobe had in him. You can see that his teammates are intimidated. They're even afraid to shoot the ball near him. All shots come from the weak side when he's on the floor. The potential is there, Kobe just needs to help expose it.

Magic was the quintessential leader who made his teammates better. Kobe just isn't Magic.

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