The Infamous Year of Wicks and Rowe: Game 1

Boston Celtics

0-1 (Lost 1)
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San Antonio Spurs

1-0 (Won 1)
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October 19, 1977
197710190SAS image


Lex said...

It kills me that hondo had to endure this bs his last year

Lex said...

cornbread's rookie year

Lex said...

As a testament to his all-around ability, Cowens is one of only four players (Scottie Pippen, Kevin Garnett and LeBron James are the others) to lead his team in all five major statistical categories for a season: points, rebounds, assists, blocks, and steals. He accomplished the feat in the 1977-78 season.

Lex said...

The George Gervin Era in the NBA begins. Never won a title. But damn the dude could score.

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