You Start to Appreciate Exactly What Went Down in 07-08

“It’s an easy offense; it’s not hard,” D’Antoni said. “We’ll tweak it and try to post up some, but to say: ‘Oh, you’ve got to this, you’ve got to do that. I just don’t believe it. I’m not there. We’re going to play a hybrid of what I would love but try to suit it to the guys we have. To me, it’s easy. You’re open, you shoot. You’re not, you pass. You don’t go one on five, and you don’t mope around because you didn’t get the ball for three times. It’s not real hard.”

Asked if he is surprised his offense has been resisted when it has usually been enjoyable for players to operate in, D’Antoni said: “It’s not the offense. It’s not what we do. We’ve got an All-Star team out there. Have you ever watched an All-Star Game? It’s God-awful, because everybody gets the ball and goes one-on-one, and then they play no defense. So that’s our team! That’s us!

“We’re an All-Star team. And we haven’t learned that there’s a pecking order. There’s the ‘one’ guy, the ‘two’ guy, the ‘three’ guy and the ‘four’ guy. It might not be the same guy every night, but somebody has got to accept being the fourth guy. And if you’ve been a first guy all your life, that’s hard to accept. And that’s what happens in All-Stars, and that’s what happened with us. And we haven’t overcome it. Like I said, today’s meeting is – hopefully we’ve overcome a little bit of that. I hope. We’ll see.”

The Lakers instead lost again, with Bryant having uncharacteristically little to say afterward. Asked if this was his hardest season, Bryant cited the 1994-95 season when the Lakers missed the playoffs and said: “It’s getting there.”

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