Irv Levin Tempted Red to End Retirement and Take Over for Heinsohn

December 1977

Red Auerbach refuses Irv Levin's offer to resume coaching Boston Celtics for remainder of current season, claiming he will remain in retirement from coaching. Current Celtics coach, Tom Heinsohn, claims he was not aware of Levin's offer.Levin comments on Celtics upcoming 8-game road trip and Heinsohn's efforts to improve team which has 9-16 won-lost record, one of worst in 31-yr history of NBA franchise.

Tommy Heinsohn reportedly has a must-win edict from owner Irv Levin to fulfill on the Boston Celtics' current West Coast road trip or he will be fired. Boston has to pull out three triumphs in the first five games of the journey, which started with a loss Sunday in Los Angeles. To make things harder for the volatile Heinsohn, both Levin and general manager Red Auerbach are making the trip with the team, Heinsohn signed a two-year contract after last season.

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