Beatles Record Sales Eclipse 2 Billion (yes, the B-word)

The Beatles Total Album Sales Statistics Data
Total Albums Sold 2,303,500,000
Total Albums Sold on iTunes 585,000
Total Singles Sold on iTunes 2.8 Million
Sales By Available Markets
United States 209.1 Million
Canada 13.6 Million
United Kingdom 7.5 Million
Germany 7.3 Million
France 3.1 Million
Australia 2.8 Million
Japan 1.9 Million
Argentina 1.6 Million
Brazil 600,000
Sweden 584,000
Austria 570,000
Switzerland 450,000
Beatles Billboard Chart Statistics
Total weeks on chart 1,278 weeks
Total number ones 15
Total weeks at number one 175 weeks
Album with longest time spent at number one ("Please Please Me") 30 weeks

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