Deandre Who?

DeAndre Jordan

Regular Season Averages
'08-'09 531314.51.8-2.8.6330.0-0.0.0000.8-2.1.3851.
'09-'10 701216.22.1-3.4.6050.0-0.0.0000.7-1.8.3751.
'10-'11 806625.62.9-4.3.6860.0-0.0.0001.2-2.7.4522.
'11-'12 666627.23.1-4.9.6320.0-0.0.0001.1-2.1.5253.
'12-'13 828224.53.8-6.0.6430.0-0.0.0001.2-3.0.3862.
OK, gang, time for another sanity check.

Your name is Danny Ainge.

I've got one question for you.

Would you trade Kevin Garnett even up for Deandre Jordan?

This isn't a trick question. I'm not talking about KG 15 years ago. I'm not talking about Deandre Jordan when he's 30. I'm talking about right now. KG is 37, Jordan is 25.

Fuck no.

That's my answer.

If you read Florida Celts Fans links at all, then you know KG was still playing at an elite level in the playoffs.

Deandre Jordan?

Like I said. Give me a break. The dude has never even averaged 10 points per game or 10 rebounds per game across a single season.

Throw in Doc Rivers, a top three coach in the NBA, and pardon me, but something is definitely wrong with a picture when any other team is balking at this deal, when the other team is offering an unaccomplished 6-11 kid for a 37-year-old, 7-1 all-time great big together with a coach who many consider an all-time great motivator.

You can talk about youth and youth movements. But, Christ, we had a youthful Mark Blount once, not to mention a youthful Acie Earl, among others. And? Your point? Exactly.

The idea that the Clippers backed out of this is a total freakin' joke.

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