Lennon and McCartney: A Moment in Time

Jackson Browne has a recent album entitled Time the Conqueror. On the cover, the former youthful musician and human rights leader is sporting a beard, and a gray one at that. Damn, if he didn't nail the album title on this. I'll save my thoughts about Jackson for a later post. For now, let's just say that I'm down with his thinking in general, and in particular his thoughts on the matter of time.

Think about all of the political and military leaders who once seemed unstoppable only to succumb to mortality. Hell, for that matter, think about the Boston Celtics. Russell, Cowens, Bird, and Garnett. Time has a way of winning out.

Which brings me to the above interview.

This video is fascinating on several fronts. Hit play, and Lennon and McCartney are asked "What is Apple?" "It's a company that involves records, films, and electronics," John says. Now, if you aren't the right age, you probably don't see what's funny about this answer. In 1968 their was no Apple computing company. The only Apple of note was the Beatles company they started to run their business after their manager, Brian Epstein died. Apple was a record label. But that's not how L&M saw it. The way the described it could now easily describe the company, by a similar name, that Steve Jobs built. Never mind that the Beatles once sued Jobs for trademark infringement, and secured a contractual promise that Apple Computers would never to get into the music publishing business (now that's really a good laugh!!).

Anyhoo, I've once again digressed from a digression.

My point here, really, is that once you get past the Apple discussion, the interview slips into an easy going discussion with the two greatest songwriters of the 20th century.

If only we could freeze time right there, and keep those two cranking out songs like  they were in 1968 forever.

Too bad it doesn't work that way.

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