Mountain Man Leads Blazers over Garfield Heard, Curtis Perry, Ricky Sobers, Alvin Adams and the Suns

Portland Trail Blazers

14-6 (Won 2)
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Phoenix Suns

7-10 (Lost 1)
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December 3, 1976
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Lex said...

only a few months after the memorable 1976 playoff battle between c's and the suns

Lex said...

and don't forget paul westphal...whom i wasn't happy about getting traded after he contributed to the 74 title

FLCeltsFan said...

Some good quotes from Walton in the section of the book I'm reading. He said he should have gone to Red the moment he got out of college and told him he was meant to be a Celtic.

He loved his time as a Celtic.

Lex said...

that is great.

walton was a true celtic

but it was kind of cool to see him bring his brand of basetball to the city of portland

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