No Way, I repeat, No Way, Danny Buys Out Paul Pierce and Let's Him Go for Nothing

Ah, one of the iconic pics from the '08 playoffs.

Right up there with PJ raising his one arm after nailing the jumper to seal the series.

Ok, time to put sentimentality aside.

Speaking of which, this is Danny Ainge we're talking about.

You're his brother, and you ask to borrow a dime, and his response is likely to be, well, what do I get out of it? And, perhaps, more importantly, when do I get it, cuz I sure don't have time to wait around until that 10 cents is worth 8.

On this front, please raise your hand if you are among the misguided who says Danny's next step is simply to cut loose Paul Pierce out of the goodness of his heart? Sure, he erases some money from the books. Sure, Paul Pierce didn't have a great playoffs. But this is Paul Pierce, or, as I like to think of him, the 2000s version of John Havlicek, who played very well late into his 30s, and even suited up for practice against Bird in the early 80s.

Paul Pierce has value.

Paul Pierce is a warrior.

Paul Pierce isn't going anywhere unless Danny gets some recompense in return.

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