Russell v. Chamberlain: Game 8

Boston Celtics

39-11 (Lost 1)
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Philadelphia Warriors

35-14 (Won 4)
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January 29, 1960
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FLCeltsFan said...

Those Philadelphia/Boston games were quite the rivalry. I just read where in a preseason game (Think it was the 83-83 season) After they ejected Bird and I Ivaroni, Red tore out of the stands and confronted the refs and was in Malone's face daring him to hit him. What a fun rivalry that was.

The NBA is totally missing out by not making a DVD of the Russell/Chamberlain games and maybe even the Philly/Boston rivalry.

Lex said...

I agree.

Maybe you should try to start the campaign. Perhaps pad your retirement dollars.

: )

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