Marshon Brooks was the Player Prized by the Celtics

MarShon Brooks appears at home at the Celtics' Waltham training facility. After two turbulent seasons with the Brooklyn Nets that saw him play, not play, and then thrust back into playing time. After being the prized player going to the Celtics in the Kevin Garnett/Paul Pierce trade, Brooks is trying to gain a comfort level in the NBA for the first time.

Prized player?

Marshon Brooks?

Who penned this paragraph, you ask?

Bleacher Report, perhaps? Some Celtics fan site?


None other than Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe.

Far be it from me to rain on anyone's parade, but as The Army recently noted, the former New Jersey player most likely to contribute to this year's Celtics' win total is named Kris Humphries, having proven twice in two recent seasons to be capable of dropping 10 and 10 on a regular basis. This being a contract season for Humphries makes his likely contributions even more bankable.

As for Marshon Brooks, I'm gonna say he will remind us most of, well, someone already on the Celtics roster -- Jordan Crawford.


FLCeltsFan said...

I expect that Brooks will be better than Crawford. At least he'll be better in the locker room - I soured on Crawford when he wore those socks with pot leaves and then started trash talking.

I agree that Humphries will more than likely be the one who contributes most this season but I do think that Brooks has an upside. The kid can shoot and he's 6'5" with a huge wingspan.

Lex said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed, FCF.

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