The Beatles were the Oracle of the 60s Youth


Lex said...

One of the better interviews ever.

u2 is given credit for bringing God into the picture when it comes to rock and roll. John Lennon was supposed to have been a Godless radical. But not whom he credits for the Beatles success. The Big Fella Upstairs.

Anyhoo, more interesting than that is how clearly this interview shows that the youth of the 60s were hanging on every work the beatles might utter, and how the Beatles were very careful not to assume the position of high priests for THE TRUTH.

Lex said...

note whom he gives credit

FLCeltsFan said...

Always have loved those accents. I remember the early interviews with them being so irreverent. And I was one of those youth hanging on every word.

Interesting that they say that Maharishi was a mistake for them. Never heard that before.

And the press was distorting things back then too. Nothing new under the sun. Good stuff. Taking me back to my youth :)

Bahkin in the Gahden... Almost sounds Bostonian LOL :D

Funny that their hair wasn't all that long when they first were on the Sullivan show but people thought it scandalous.

Lex said...

Must have been right before they all grew their hair long

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