Even World Champion Bulls are Talkin' Pitino

June 1, 1997

CHICAGO - Prior to last night's Game 1 of the NBA Finals, Bulls guard Ron Harper was shooing away TV types in the dressing room. He said he was trying to keep his focus on the game.

But when he spotted a reporter from Boston, Harper perked up.

"Y'all got a whole new vibe up there," the veteran said. "I like Rick Pitino a lot. Things are really going to be different."

The conversation was brief, but it should be enough to hearten Celtics fans who've had their team either ignored or laughed at for the last few years.

So the world champion Bulls actually talked about what's happening with the Celtics?

"Yeah, we talked about it," Harper said. "This is a great move for them. Why wouldn't we talk about it?"

Because you haven't paid any attention to the Celtics for years.

"That's because there wasn't anything to talk about," Harper said. "What could you say that was good?"

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