Keith Van Horn Better than McHale?

May 25, 1997

No one will have to tell the Celtics about the shorties of next month's college draft. They have seen all of the top guards - standing between 5 feet 10 inches and 6-4 - in the past 10 days. Today, they will welcome a big man.

Utah forward Keith Van Horn is due in town, most likely for a Sunday morning workout. Van Horn, a 6-10 shooter, is often called the draft's second-best senior behind Tim Duncan. Barring a trade, the Celtics could easily determine if Van Horn plays here. After Duncan, Texas Tech's Tony Battie is expected to go second. That would leave the Celtics with two of the next four picks.

Van Horn was in Vancouver, British Columbia, earlier this week, working with the Grizzlies (who pick fourth). Earlier this year, Jazz president Frank Layden said Van Horn was more advanced than Kevin McHale at the same point in his career.

Since Utah and Kentucky met in NCAA tournament play for two straight seasons, Celtics coach Rick Pitino said he has watched more than 40 tapes of Van Horn. This weekend, the coach and his staff will be able to see the real thing.

Taking stock of Foyle

The Celtics were scheduled to work out Adonal Foyle of Colgate yesterday in Boston. Foyle could be their sleeper. Foyle is a 6-10 center, with good movement. Pitino has to judge whether he can become the center the Celtics need, if the club takes him and develops him over the next couple of years. Pitino is still talking with several clubs about making some trades, but will be comfortable if the Celtics simply use their picks. "There will be two very good players there for us no matter what happens," Pitino said.

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