Paul Obviously Couldn't Wait Any Longer for that Reunion Thing to Happen


The other day there was a story in the news about someone planning to clone John Lennon from the remnants of his teeth. This got me to thinking. My first thought, of course, was Beatles Reunion!  My second thought was, well, I guess they'll have to clone George Harrison, too.

Then, we'd have to hope Paul and Ringo lived long enough to join the other two.

In this video, Paul obviously came up with a better idea.

It's really quite amazing.

Pmac playing with his former bandmates, singing I'm down in perfect time with the 1964 performance. Lennon and Harrison chime in almost as if they were still alive.

The 70-year-old Macca even let's his 20-something former self sing a few lines.

So, for the purposes of this video, we have five Beatles.

The original 4 plus the 70-year-old Macca.


Lex said...

mind blowing, if you really think about what's going on here

FLCeltsFan said...

Consider mind blown.....Amazing stuff. I really loved the Beatles. I was one of those screaming teens back then. Funny to think about it now.

McCartney hasn't lost much and that's amazing too.

Lex said...

It is great to see the mash up of old and new

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