Vin Baker for the #3 and #6 picks?

June 2, 1997

While Pitino has been busy conversing with his peers, scouting the players and attending a basketball clinic and book signing, new general manager Chris Wallace has been doing his favorite thing - talking hoops. He acknowledges the Celts are open to discussion on the Nos. 3 and 6 overall picks.

"We've got two of the top six picks and there are definitely some interesting scenarios out there," Wallace said. "We're going to talk to all 28 other teams and see what might be there for us. I guess that's what a lawyer would call due diligence.

"We can make the picks or deal them for something that could help us in another way. But we're not married to either scenario yet. We'll just wait and see what the interest level is out there."

Tim Thomas, who left Villanova after his freshman year, has been mentioned as a possibility for the Celts if they keep the No. 3 pick. His talent level puts him that high (maybe even at No. 2), but Pitino said the question is how much he wants to play.

"I think Tim Thomas has great skills and could be an impact player in this league," Pitino said. "The issue is how much he wants that. How much does he want to be a great player? That's what's going to decide how far he ultimately goes in this league."

Hottest Totally Unfounded Rumor of the Day: Vin Baker from Milwaukee to the Celtics for the Nos. 3 and 6 picks.

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