C's Can Taste It

June 1, 1986

Section: SPORTS


 Bill Walton will be the subject of a piece on "The NBC Weekend News" this evening. The redhead had his game face on yesterday after practice, politely refusing all interview requests by saying that he could only think about basketball, and only about the current situation. "But Bill," pleaded one inquisitor. "The game isn't until tomorrow." replied Walton, "That is the problem." . . . Scott Wedman, he of the two broken ribs, doesn't expect to be playing any more this season, since the earliest he could participate would be a sixth game. "Every day, it seems to be a a little better," he explains. "But a couple of days ago, I tried to do too much. I tried to do some running, and I was very sore yesterday. It's much better today." Wedman has faith his teammates can wrap it up in Houston, anyway. "I'm not surprised we've done so well in the playoffs," he says. "It's Larry's influence on this team. That's really the thing that makes us go. In his own way, he is pushing every one of us to play better. At this point, I just don't think we can be denied. We're smart. We know how good we are." . . . McHale refuses to speculate on the historic worth of this team. "See me if we win," he said. "As far as I'm concerned, I've played on two better teams. That's because I've got two rings." . . . Gazing over at McHale holding court for the national media, Jerry Sichting cracked, "Kevin's tongue isn't connected to his brain."

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