Walton Dominated by Lanier in Loss (WTF)?

Portland Trail Blazers

23-11 (Lost 1)
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Detroit Pistons

20-14 (Won 1)
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December 29, 1976
197612290DET image


Lex said...


You guessed it.

The answer is no.

This is where the foot injuries set in. Look at the next game. Played even less, and not at all in the game thereafter.

So herein lies the answer to the question how did this team surprise everyone in the playoffs?

Answer: they were 23-10 before mountain man got hurt, and once healthy again, the returned to dominance

FLCeltsFan said...

I still say it is such a shame that he was hampered so much by injuries. He would be way up there in the discussion of best ever if he could have stayed healthy.

Lex said...

Indeed. I wonder how many games he missed this year, the year of his first nba championship?

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