Adubato will be Pitino consultant

August 6, 1997

The Celtics have added another name to the masthead. But the local real estate market won't benefit.

Former Orlando head coach Richie Adubato has been retained as a consultant in the Rick Pitino regime. He apparently will still be paid by the Magic while he does his consulting. Orlando owes him one more year on his contract, and the assignment will allow Adubato to stay put in Orlando, which he wants, and stay involved in the NBA, albeit at arm's length.

Adubato and Pitino are both disciples of the Hubie Brown School and were fellow assistants on Brown's New York Knicks staff in the mid-1980s. Adubato replaced Brian Hill as head coach of the Magic in February. He was not rehired and recently declined an offer to join Hill's staff in Vancouver.

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