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Celtics, Outscored by 12 in 4th, Still Win by 8

Boston Celtics

6-2 (Won 2)
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Atlanta Hawks

5-5 (Lost 1)
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October 27, 1979
197910270ATL image


FLCeltsFan said...

The Hawks and Celtics had some good games back then. The two teams had a contrasting style and it just was fun to watch.

Lex said...

I still love to relive that 79-80 season.

as much as I loved the celtics and bird, I never thought bird would have the impact he did

FLCeltsFan said...

Don't feel bad. Even Red didn't know he'd have the impact he did. Remember the quote that a cornerman couldn't make that much of an impact? I mean, by all appearances, Larry shouldn't have made that kind of impact.

Lex said...

only 4 guys in double figures

an oddity in that season

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