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Kermit Washington, Dave Bing, and Sidney Wicks Lead C's to Win

Cleveland Cavaliers

34-38 (Lost 3)
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Boston Celtics

29-41 (Won 1)
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March 22, 1978


FLCeltsFan said...

Now that's an odd trio :)

Lex said...

It was an odd roster.

Perhaps a bit like this year.

FLCeltsFan said...

I hadn't thought about it, but there are a few similarities in the rosters.

Lex said...

I think we will look back at the roster this year and say, wow, I totally forgot that so and so was even on this team

FLCeltsFan said...

I do that so often when reading through these box scores. Sometimes I even have to google the names because I don't remember them at all.

Lex said...

: )

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