The Greatest Series in NBA History

The other day someone asked me to name the best playoff series in NBA history. Nothing really came to mind. A minute later, I thought, well, the Knicks and Pacers had some good series. But I couldn't think of the definitive, all-time best series. Even the 1976 Finals, famous for the Celtics' triple-overtime win in game 5, only went six games.

Then I stumbled across this video and I got my answer.

Watch it.

Those who of us who lived through it remember the mutual hatred between the two teams. I don't even think there was a mutual respect yet in 1984. Just the hatred. The respect didn't come until 1987. In 1984 all you had was raw hatred. You can still feel it decades later as you watch the players being asked to remember the series.

This is when basketball was basketball, and men were men.

I might give the 1969  Finals an honorable mention. But that Laker team was only better on paper. The 1984 Laker team really was the better team that year and just couldn't get it done.

Damn, it still brings a smile to my face even now.


FLCeltsFan said...

I get goosebumps watching some of those old games from the Big 3 era. They played some great basketball the way basketball should be played.

Lex said...

such a great era for nba hoops

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