Celtics Come Out Flat

May 27, 1984

While the Celtics were sleep-walking through the first half and into the third period, the Lakers ran with ease, played aggressive defense and allowed the Celtics, who were shooting poorly, few second shots. By the time the Celtics awoke, the Lakers were enjoying their second 19-point advantage of the game at 81-62 midway in the third quarter.

"Maybe we were so happy to be here," said K. C. Jones, the Celtic coach, "that we came out awfully flat. L. A. probably set up their game plan and their defenses on their plane. They came here really ready to play, and I hate to see a team that is happy and enthusiastic."

Jones was alluding to the nine hours it took the Lakers to get to Boston from Phoenix, where they eliminated the Suns Friday night to win the Western Conference championship. During the trip, Abdul-Jabbar said his neck was twisted as he tried to sleep on the plane. Early this morning, he awoke with one of his troublesome migraine headaches that caused him to miss breakfast, the team bus and the pregame practice.

Abdul-Jabbar arrived by taxi one hour before the 1 P.M. start. After a neck manipulation by Jack Curran, the Laker trainer, the pain left the N.B.A.'s top scorer.

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