We Band of Brothers -- Celtics and Lakers Style

If you haven't ever read or watched "Band of Brothers," you ought to. It's pretty amazing. It's not just a story about World War II. It's not even a story solely about the Americans who fought in the War. Instead, it is a story often told from two sides, American and German.

There is one scene during the Battle of the Bulge where soldiers from both countries are singing "Silent Night" on Christmas Eve, one unit in German the other in English, separated by a few hundred yards, but still within earshot. In the DVD version, you watch soliders, now octogenarians, give interviews about doing battle against highly skilled outfits whom they'd come to respect.

It is in this spirit that I enjoy the above pictures, pictures of old enemies, but, perhaps, old friends as well.

(Thankfully, Pat Riley isn't pictured)

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