Blunders, Blunders Everywhere

May 31, 1984

Was Cedric Maxwell surprised by all the miscues?

"Not when you're playing with this much intensity and that much on the line," he said. The end "was like being on death row, waiting for time to tick down, tick down, and waiting for the governor's reprieve."

Laker Coach Pat Riley expects the intensity to continue.

"All the games are going to be competitive," he said. "It's what everyone wanted and it's what everyone is going to get."

The Celtics cringed at the idea of becoming the only team in 37 years of NBA championship series to drop the first two games at home. Now they go to Los Angeles with renewed spirit.

"We're going to be very confident knowing L.A. doesn't play well at home," said Henderson. "If we can go in and get one game -- we're going for two -- but if we can get one we'll be OK."

A split would restore the homecourt advantage for Boston, where Game Five will be next Friday night.

Los Angeles had only the 13th best home record in the NBA's regular season, while Boston was the top road team. But the Lakers are 7-1 at home in the playoffs.

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