Deal in the Works for Kandi?

Deal in the Works for Kandi?

June 23, 1998

Like a lot of teams, the Celtics are trying to move up in the draft to acquire Pacific center Michael Olowokandi. And, like many teams, the Celtics don't want to give up their best players to get him. The Celtics would like to dangle Travis Knight, Greg Minor, and their first-round pick (No. 10 overall). Everyone knows the Clippers don't have a history of being the smartest team in the league, but even they would have to be cautious about that for Olowokandi.

"We haven't worked him out," Rick Pitino said, "but there is a possibility that we can draft him." According to Pitino, Antoine Walker would not necessarily be a part of a deal. But word from the West Coast is that Walker's name was mentioned in a potential trade with a Pacific Division team. That would make sense when you consider that the Clippers have the first pick, while the Warriors and Kings are at Nos. 5 and 7, respectively.

Coach's choice

 During a 30-minute press conference at the Celtic offices, Pitino said he wanted either Nazr Mohammed, Ruben Patterson, or Jelani McCoy . . . Pitino said he was happy with the offseason work of soon-to-be free agent Popeye Jones. The coach said Jones has dropped 40 pounds.

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