Bill Walton was a Force


FLCeltsFan said...

I often think how unfair it was that injuries robbed us of so many years of Big Bill's play.

My Grandson wanted to watch Celtics Pride and we watched the movie and I got to explain a lot of Celtics history to him. Bill Walton was one of the commentators for the game and I got to show him clips of Bill playing with the Celtics. Mountain Man has a new fan :)

Lex said...

That is great, FCF. Many of the best things in life are short-lived. We all have expiration dates.

That 1986 season was something else.

I still remember being pissed that we lost to NJ in Walton's first game and then blew the chance to move to .900 at game 20 with the loss to Portland.

Still pisses me off today.

To think that 07-08 played .900 ball all the way to game 30 is rather remarkable

FLCeltsFan said...

Yep. that 86 season was a great one, but we were pretty spoiled back then. But after 22 years, the 07-08 season was magical.

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